Neural gas clustering for Pearson correlation (NG-C)

- Software package -

Embedded genes, colored by 11 NG centroids.

This site contains contains source code for the neural gas clustering method.

It is associated to the Institute of Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben.

ngc package:   Implementation of neural gas with Pearson correlation for clustering at command line.

The package is distributed under General GNU Public License.
Download sizes are < 200 kB.
Sources require ANSI compatible C compiler (gcc preferred).
Windows/cygwin and linux environments with gnu utilities are recommended for full functionality.

Download: gzipped tar archive ngc-2007-02-09.tar.gz / zip archive

Running: extract to directory, go there, type make, type make cluster-genes, hope, study output files.
There is a readme.txt file included for some further notes.

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updated: 2007-05-16

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